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Top 10 Cartoon Bands 0

Top 10 Cartoon Bands

In the past we posted a list on fictional bands – this list supplements it in a sense. Here, instead of just fictional bands, we are looking at fictional cartoon bands. Most of us...

Top 10 Greatest Dracula Portrayals 0

Top 10 Greatest Dracula Portrayals

Dracula has been adapted into a film numerous times. Some were bad, some were great, and some were clearly memorable. Count Dracula, inspired by Vlad The Impaler, is possibly the first ever Vampire portrayed...

Top 25 Monty Python Sketches 0

Top 25 Monty Python Sketches

The following is a list of the 25 greatest Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketches. Scenes from movies are excluded and have not been considered. They would just further muddy up the waters, which are...